Navigating Low Liquidity: Why Herring Global Should Be Your Project’s Market Maker

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4 min readSep 9, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, market dynamics are known for their unpredictability. One of the most pressing challenges faced by crypto projects is managing liquidity, especially in environments characterized by low trading volume. Liquidity, or the ease with which an asset can be traded without significantly impacting its price, is paramount for a project’s success. In this article, we’ll delve into why your project team should consider Herring Global, founded by the ex-Altonomy trading team, as your trusted market maker, especially in these challenging low liquidity conditions.

The Liquidity Challenge:

Low liquidity can be a formidable obstacle for crypto projects, leading to wider bid-ask spreads, increased price volatility, and a higher risk of market manipulation. In such an environment, attracting and retaining traders and investors becomes an uphill battle.

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency spot market has experienced a notable decline in liquidity, signalling a challenging environment for traders, exchanges, and market makers. Despite moments of volatility, trading volumes have dwindled, painting a sobering picture of the state of crypto trading.

In August, the cryptocurrency spot market hit a low point not seen in over four years, registering a monthly trading volume of $475b, and is now on par with the sluggish trading seen during the bear market of 2019, according to CCData.

Aggregated Spot Volume, Source CCData

As we narrow down into the Altcoin space, there exists an illustrative token, let’s call it XYZ. This particular cryptocurrency has triumphed by achieving a remarkable listing on Coinbase. However, despite this monumental success, it continues to grapple with profound liquidity challenges. Notably, the bid/ask spread can build up to 2%, and price disparity between Coinbase and Kraken, two prominent exchanges, can escalate to as much as 15%.


This stark contrast between exchanges can leave traders scratching their heads. Why is there such a vast difference in prices for the same asset? And, more importantly, how can one confidently trade under such conditions? This is where Herring Global’s market making expertise shines, offering tailor-made solutions that benefit both your project and its community.

Why Herring Global Stands Out:

  1. Proven Expertise:

Herring Global is founded by the ex-Altonomy trading team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in altcoin trading and market making. The team’s record speaks volumes about their ability to navigate complex market conditions.

2. Price Stability in Volatile Markets:

In low liquidity environments, even small trades can trigger significant price fluctuations. Herring Global’s market makers excel in providing continuous buy and sell orders, resulting in stable prices. This builds trust among traders and investors, making your token more appealing.

3. Reduced Trading Costs

High trading costs, often driven by wide spreads, deter market participants. Herring Global’s market makers narrow spreads, lowering trading costs for users. This encourages higher trading activity and liquidity growth.

4. Encouraging Institutional Participation:

Institutional investors bring substantial capital to the table, but they are cautious in low liquidity markets. Herring Global’s market making services create an inviting environment for institutions, which can lead to increased liquidity and enhanced project credibility.

5. Customized Solutions:

Herring Global understands that every crypto project is unique. They work closely with project teams to tailor market making strategies that align with specific project goals and objectives.

6. Support for Exchange Listings:

Getting listed on exchanges is a significant milestone for any project. Herring Global’s market makers can provide initial liquidity, ensuring trading activity from day one. This demonstrates your project’s commitment to a vibrant secondary market.

7. Soft dollars and Risk Management

One of the notable challenges faced by project teams is that they are often comprised of non-market professionals. The crypto space requires a deep understanding of market dynamics, trading strategies, and risk management, which may not be the core expertise of project founders and teams.

Herring Global steps in to bridge this knowledge gap. The team brings a wealth of experience from OTC trading and market making and provides insights, analysis, and a comprehensive market view. This ensures that project teams, typically non-market individuals, can make informed decisions about their token’s liquidity and trading strategies. By partnering with HG, project teams gain access to a wealth of market knowledge that complements their project’s vision.

In the crypto industry, liquidity is the cornerstone of a project’s growth and long-term sustainability. Herring Global’s market making services are designed to tackle liquidity challenges head-on, ensuring price stability, reduced trading costs, and a thriving trading ecosystem. By partnering with Herring Global, your project can thrive in low liquidity environments, attracting more users, traders, and investors.

In an era of shifting market dynamics, Herring Global stands ready to provide the liquidity solutions your project needs to shine in the crypto space. With Herring Global as your project’s trusted market maker, you can navigate the complexities of liquidity management with confidence and secure a successful future for your cryptocurrency project.

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